Friday, September 10, 2010

Mission Statement

I have created this blog to not only document my upcoming journey, but to keep all of those important to me informed as well. That way, instead of sitting about and wondering, you can take part in it too. I will be posting updates as frequently as there are changes. In other words, I will probably be posting more in the upcoming few weeks than when I am knee deep in the quarter. I hope to be uploading pictures and links to movies I create as well as writing entries. Below are just a few events I hope to capture and bring to you all within the next week or two:

>My new room with before and after shots of how I decorated it. There will likely be annotations.
>A collective picture of the heap of items I am donating to charity (though I have already donated another half-trunkful of goods).
>Stories of my work experience and first few days. Of course, they will be mixed in with my irresistible humor n.n
>The low-down on my roommates.
>etc etc etc

I'm so excited to get going, and I hope you all have some laughs with me in between when we meet up for family events. I love you guys.